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sustainability-11-01696-v2.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2019Lighting Professionals versus Light Pollution Experts? Investigating Views on an Emerging Environmental ConcernSchulte-Römer, Nona; Meier, Josiane; Dannemann, Etta; Söding, Max-
Chancerel_et_at_2013.pdf.jpg2013Data availability and the need for research to localize, quantify and recycle critical metals in information technology, telecommunication and consumer equipmentChancerel, Perrine; Rotter, Vera Susanne; Ueberschaar, Maximilian; Marwede, Max; Nissen, Nils F., et al-
Meyer_2019_Practical.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2019Practical guidance for the implementation of the CRISPR genome editing tool in filamentous fungiKwon, Jin; Schütze, Tabea; Spohner, Sebastian; Haefner, Stefan; Meyer, Vera-
weinzierl_vorlaender_2015.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2015Room Acoustical Parameters as Predictors of Room Acoustical Impression: What Do We Know and What Would We Like to Know?Weinzierl, Stefan; Vorländer, Michael-
ijerph-15-01391-v2.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2018Application options of the Sustainable Child Development Index (SCDI) – assessing the status of sustainable development and establishing social impact pathwaysChang, Ya-Ju; Lehmann, Annekatrin; Winter, Lisa; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
sensors-19-00973.pdf.jpg25-Feb-2019EffFeu Project: Towards Mission-Guided Application of Drones in Safety and Security EnvironmentsHrabia, Christopher-Eyk; Hessler, Axel; Xu, Yuan; Seibert, Jacob; Brehmer, Jan, et al-
fphar-09-00222-g0001.tif.jpg12-Mar-2018The Trace Amine-Associated Receptor 1 Agonist 3-Iodothyronamine Induces Biased Signaling at the Serotonin 1b ReceptorBräunig, Julia; Dinter, Juliane; Höfig, Carolin S.; Paisdzior, Sarah; Szczepek, Michal, et al-
Li_et_al-2019-Angewandte_Chemie_IE.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2019Direct Identification of Acetaldehyde Formation and Characterization of the Active Site in the [VPO4].+/C2H4 Couple by Gas‐Phase Vibrational SpectroscopyLi, Ya-Ke; Debnath, Sreekanta; Schlangen, Maria; Schöllkopf, Wieland; Asmis, Knut R., et al-
Walker_et_al-2019-Angewandte_Chemie_IE.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2019Lewis acid catalyzed transfer hydromethallylation for the construction of quaternary carbon centersWalker, Johannes C. L.; Oestreich, Martin-
08863491.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2019Digital Twin: Vision, Benefits, Boundaries, and Creation for BuildingsKhajavi, Siavash H.; Motlagh, Naser Hossein; Jaribion, Alireza; Werner, Liss C.; Holmström, Jan-