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c4sm00487f.pdf.jpg2014The rupture of a single liquid aluminium alloy filmHeim, K.; Garcia-Moreno, F.; Kumar, G. S. Vinod; Rack, A.; Banhart, J.-
koehler_christopher.pdf.jpg2016Phonon-induced ultrafast relaxation processes and local enhancement of electric fieldsKöhler, Christopher-
c2jm15811f.pdf.jpg2012Mixed gas adsorption of carbon dioxide and methane on a series of isoreticular microporous metal-organic frameworks based on 2-substituted imidazolate-4-amide-5-imidatesDebatin, Franziska; Möllmer, Jens; Mondal, Suvendu Sekhar; Behrens, Karsten; Möller, Andreas; Staudt, Reiner; Thomas, Arne; Holdt, Hans-Jürgen-
c3sm52401a.pdf.jpg2014Bridging interactions of proteins with silica nanoparticles: The influence of pH, ionic strength and protein concentrationBharti, Bhuvnesh; Meissner, Jens; Klapp, Sabine H. L.; Findenegg, Gerhard H.-
c2sm07448f.pdf.jpg2012Recent progress in soft-templating of porous carbon materialsChuenchom, Laemthong; Krähnert, Ralph; Smarsly, Bernd M.-
c3sm51597d.pdf.jpg2014Modeling crawling cell movement on soft engineered substratesLöber, Jakob; Ziebert, Falko; Aranson, Igor S.-
c1jm14193g.pdf.jpg2012Formation of gold nanoparticles in polymeric nanowires by low-temperature thermolysis of gold mesityleneErk, Christoph; Yau, Man Yan Eric; Lange, Holger; Thomsen, Christian; Miclea, Paul; Wehrspohn, Ralf B.; Schlecht, Sabine; Steinhart, Martin-
10.1140_epje_i2016-16088-3.pdf.jpg2016Shear banding in nematogenic fluids with oscillating orientational dynamicsLugo-Frias, Rodrigo; Reinken, Henning; Klapp, Sabine H. L.-
10.1140_epje_i2017-11510-0.pdf.jpg2017Active Brownian particles moving in a random Lorentz gasZeitz, Maria; Wolff, Katrin; Stark, Holger-
10.1140_epje_i2016-16080-y.pdf.jpg2016Active Brownian motion of emulsion droplets: coarsening dynamics at the interface and rotational diffusionSchmitt, Max; Stark, Holger-