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10.1111.1751-7915.12263.pdf.jpg2015Dynamic variation of the microbial community structure during the long-time mono-fermentation of maize and sugar beet silageKlang, Johanna; Theuerl, Susanne; Szewzyk, Ulrich; Huth, Markus; Tölle, Rainer, et al-
10.1002.prot.25028.pdf.jpg2016Blind testing of cross-linking/mass spectrometry hybrid methods in CASP11Schneider, Michael; Belsom, Adam; Rappsilber, Juri; Brock, Oliver-
10.1002.embj.201387614.pdf.jpg2014Proteomics of a fuzzy organelle: interphase chromatinKustatscher, Georg; Hégarat, Nadia; Wills, Karen L. H.; Furlan, Cristina; Bukowski-Wills, Jimi-Carlo, et al-
10.1111.1574-6968.12371.pdf.jpg2014Sense codon emancipation for proteome-wide incorporation of noncanonical amino acidsBohlke, Nina; Budisa, Nediljko-
10.1111.1751-7915.12398.pdf.jpg2016Xenomicrobiology: a roadmap for genetic code engineeringAcevedo-Rocha, Carlos G.; Budisa, Nediljko-
26-Jun-2018The influence of nanomaterials on the thermal resistance of cement-based composites – a reviewPawel, Sikora; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed; Stephan, Dietmar-
12-Apr-2018Draft genome sequence of strain B 225, an iron-depositing isolate of the genus NovosphingobiumBraun, Burga; Künzel, Sven; Szewzyka, Ulrich-
12-Apr-2018Draft genome sequence of actinobacterial strain Kineosporia sp. R_H_3, a neutrophilic iron-depositing bacteriumBraun, Burga; Künzel, Sven; Schröder, Josephin; Szewzyk, Ulrich-
abdirama_dimas.pdf.jpg2017Role of autoantigen-specific T cell subsets in disease pathogenesis and as therapeutic tool in systemic lupus erythematosusAbdirama, Dimas-
10-May-2017Functional consequences of inhibitory plasticity: homeostasis, the excitation-inhibition balance and beyondSprekeler, Henning-