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22-Mar-2018Bioprinting Perfusion-Enabled Liver Equivalents for Advanced Organ-on-a-Chip ApplicationsGrix, Tobias; Ruppelt, Alicia; Thomas, Alexander; Amler, Anna-Klara; Noichl, Benjamin P., et al-
19-Apr-2019Reproduction of Large-Scale Bioreactor Conditions on Microfluidic ChipsHo, Phuong; Westerwalbesloh, Christoph; Kaganovitch, Eugen; Grünberger, Alexander; Neubauer, Peter, et al-
15-Jul-2019A UV/Vis Spectroscopy-Based Assay for Monitoring of Transformations Between Nucleosides and NucleobasesKaspar, Felix; Giessmann, Robert T.; Krausch, Niels; Neubauer, Peter; Wagner, Anke, et al-
fbioe-05-00025.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2017Engineering Blood and Lymphatic Microvascular Networks in Fibrin MatricesKnezevic, Lea; Schaupper, Mira; Mühleder, Severin; Schimek, Katharina; Hasenberg, Tobias, et al-
4-Dec-2018Growth Behavior of Human Adipose Tissue-Derived Stromal/Stem Cells at Small Scale: Numerical and Experimental InvestigationsJossen, Valentin; Eibl, Regine; Kraume, Matthias; Eibl, Dieter-
s13068-019-1400-4.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2019Moulding the mould: understanding and reprogramming filamentous fungal growth and morphogenesis for next generation cell factoriesCairns, Timothy C.; Zheng, Xiaomei; Zheng, Ping; Sun, Jibin; Meyer, Vera-
15-Feb-2019Influence of Media Heat Sterilization Process on Growth Performance of Representative Strains of the Genus LactobacillusSenz, Martin; Keil, Claudia; Schmacht, Maximilian; Palinski, Sophie; Cämmerer, Bettina, et al-
21-Jun-2018Application of Continuous Culture Methods to Recombinant Protein Production in MicroorganismsPeebo, Karl; Neubauer, Peter-
17-Apr-2018Enhanced Microbial Survivability in Subzero BrinesHeinz, Jacob; Schirmack, Janosch; Airo, Alessandro; Kounaves, Samuel P.; Schulze-Makuch, Dirk-
30-Jan-2019Characterizing Complex Networks Using Entropy-Degree Diagrams: Unveiling Changes in Functional Brain Connectivity Induced by AyahuascaViol, Aline; Palhano-Fontes, Fernanda; Onias, Heloisa; de Araujo, Draulio B.; Hövel, Philipp, et al-