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21-Jun-2018Application of Continuous Culture Methods to Recombinant Protein Production in MicroorganismsPeebo, Karl; Neubauer, Peter-
srep28444.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2016The role of local and remote amino acid substitutions for optimizing fluorescence in bacteriophytochromes: A case study on iRFPBuhrke, David; Vélazquez Escobar, Francisco; Sauthof, Luisa; Wilkening, Svea; Herder, Nico, et al-
22-Jul-2019Integral Flow Modelling Approach for Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions along a Rippled StreambedBroecker, Tabea; Teuber, Katharina; Sobhi Gollo, Vahid; Nützmann, Gunnar; Lewandowski, Jörg, et al-
20-Feb-2019Scaling Effects in Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Aggregation in Integrated River Basin ManagementTaha, Rania; Dietrich, Jörg; Dehnhardt, Alexandra; Hirschfeld, Jesko-
22-Jul-2019In Silico Optimization of Femoral Fixator Position and Configuration by Parametric CAD ModelKorunovic, Nikola; Marinković, Dragan; Trajanovic, Miroslav; Zehn, Manfred; Mitkovic, Milorad, et al-
24-Jun-2019Spent Yeast from Brewing Processes: A Biodiverse Starting Material for Yeast Extract ProductionJacob, Friedrich Felix; Striegel, Lisa; Rychlik, Michael; Hutzler, Mathias; Methner, Frank-Jürgen-
12-Feb-2019An Assessment of the Bioactivity of Coffee Silverskin MelanoidinsTores de la Cruz, Silvia; Iriondo-DeHond, Amaia; Herrera, Teresa; Lopez-Tofiño, Yolanda; Galvez-Robleño, Carlos, et al-
25-Mar-2019Efficient Algorithms for Coded Multicasting in Heterogeneous Caching NetworksVettigli, Giuseppe; Ji, Mingyue; Shanmugam, Karthikeyan; Llorca, Jaime; Tulino, Antonia M., et al-
30-Apr-2019Analyzing Changes in Supply Risks for Abiotic Resources over Time with the ESSENZ Method—A Data Update and Critical ReflectionBach, Vanessa; Berger, Markus; Finogenova, Natalia; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
2-May-2019Transforming Consumer Behavior: Introducing Self-Inquiry-Based and Self-Experience-Based Learning for Building Personal Competencies for Sustainable ConsumptionFrank, Pascal; Stanszus, Laura Sophie-