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23-Apr-2017Understanding and Control of Biopolymer Fouling in Ultrafiltration of Different Water TypesZheng, Xing; Zietzschmann, Frederik; Plume, Stephan; Paar, Hendrik; Ernst, Mathias, et al-
25-Jun-2018Automated Cell Treatment for Competence and Transformation of Escherichia coli in a High-Throughput Quasi-Turbidostat Using Microtiter PlatesHans, Sebastian; Gimpel, Matthias; Glauche, Florian; Neubauer, Peter; Cruz-Bournazou, Mariano Nicolas-
16-May-2017Impacts of Accumulated Particulate Organic Matter on Oxygen Consumption and Organic Micro-Pollutant Elimination in Bank Filtration and Soil Aquifer TreatmentFilter, Josefine; Jekel, Martin; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian-
23-Apr-2017Review of Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment and Potential for Its Adoption at an Automotive CompanyTarne, Peter; Traverso, Marzia; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
26-May-2017Pore Characteristics and Their Effects on the Material Properties of Foamed Concrete Evaluated Using Micro-CT Images and Numerical ApproachesChung, Sang-Yeop; Lehmann, Christian; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed; Stephan, Dietmar-
12-Oct-2018Synthesis and Structural Identification of a Biaryl Ether-Linked Zearalenone DimerKeller, Julia; Hantschke, Luisa; Haase, Hajo; Koch, Matthias-
affeldt_pauline.pdf.jpg2019Three essays on the economics of merger controlAffeldt, Pauline Luise-
2019Rheological characteristics of pectin gelation in sugar-acid systemsKastner, Hanna-
21-Dec-2018Thickening of T1 Precipitates during Aging of a High Purity Al−4Cu−1Li−0.25Mn AlloyHäusler, Ines; Kamachali, Reza Darvishi; Hetaba, Walid; Skrotzki, Birgit-
18-Feb-2017Virtual Prototyping and Validation of Cpps within a New Software FrameworkNeumeyer, Sebastian; Exner, Konrad; Kind, Simon; Hayka, Haygazun; Stark, Rainer-