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Dokument_3.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2008Computergestützte Unternehmenskonsolidierung - Konzeption und Implementierung einer EDV-Funktionalität im Rahmen der Integrierten ZielverpflichtungsplanungJandok, Jesko-
Dokument_1.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2008Mobile Business - Schaffung eines Bewusstseins für mobile Potenziale im GeschäftsprozesskontextScherz, Marian-
Dokument_23.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2010Empirical Analyses of Company Patenting Behavior – Essays on the Role of Strategic Patenting, Standardization, Technology Exchange and Product PiracyKöhler, Florian-
Dokument_6.pdf.jpg23-Jul-2007Regulating Air Transport MarketsCzerny, Achim Ingo-
Dokument_19.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2009Innovationsförderliche Organisationskultur - Eine konzeptionelle und empirische Untersuchung radikaler InnovationsprojekteLiebeherr, Jeanette-
Dokument_7.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2009Foreign Direct Investment into infrastructure: Analysis of determinants and modes of market entry – empirical study of Poland during the transformation process 1989-2003Kowalle, Julia-
Dokument_17.pdf.jpg8-Dec-2010An integration-responsiveness perspective on subsidiary entrepreneurship in diversified firms - a case study approachGrohmann, Janine-
Dokument_44.pdf.jpg10-Feb-2009Modeling the European Natural Gas Market - Static and Dynamic Perspectives of an Oligopolistic MarketHolz, Franziska-
Dokument_6.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2006Empirical analysis of office markets: A spatio-temporal approachFürst, Franz-
Dokument_22.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2005Assessment of the Economy of Iran and Statistical Analysis of the most important Indicators especially during the Past Three Decades with special focus on Foreign Trade along with short-term Forecast of some Economic IndexesHekmat, Naser-