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2014_augustin_et-al.pdf.jpg2014How adaptation currents change threshold, gain, and variability of neuronal spikingLadenbauer, Josef; Augustin, Moritz; Obermayer, Klaus-
gramann_et-al_2017.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2017Modified navigation instructions for spatial navigation assistance systems lead to incidental spatial learningGramann, Klaus; Hoepner, Paul; Karrer-Gauss, Katja-
2018_gramann_et-al.pdf.jpg2018Granger causal connectivity dissociates navigation networks that subserve allocentric and egocentric path integrationLin, Chin-Teng; Chiu, Te-Cheng; Wang, Yu-Kai; Chuang, Chun-Hsiang; Gramann, Klaus-
s41598-019-39320-0.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2019Heat flow due to time-delayed feedbackLoos, Sarah A. M.; Klapp, Sabine H. L.-
0306312716641350.pdf.jpg2016Innovating public participation methods: Technoscientization and reflexive engagementVoß, Jan-Peter; Amelung, Nina-
0306312714537566.pdf.jpg2015Infrastructure and the state in science and technology studiesRowland, Nicholas J.; Passoth, Jan-Hendrik-
0963662514561940.pdf.jpg2016A failed platform: the Citizen Consensus Conference travels to ChileUreta, Sebastián-
2017Assessing the Availability of Terrestrial Biotic Materials in Product Systems (BIRD)Bach, Vanessa; Berger, Markus; Finogenova, Natalia; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
2016Resource Efficiency Assessment—Comparing a Plug-In Hybrid with a Conventional Combustion EngineHenßler, Martin; Bach, Vanessa; Berger, Markus; Finkbeiner, Matthias; Ruhland, Klaus-
s41598-018-31880-x.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2018Optimization of cell-laden bioinks for 3D bioprinting and efficient infection with influenza A virusBerg, Johanna; Hiller, Thomas; Kissner, Maya S.; Qazi, Taimoor H.; Duda, Georg N., et al-