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7-Feb-2018Gravity-induced dynamics of a squirmer microswimmer in wall proximityRühle, Felix; Blaschke, Johannes; Kuhr, Jan-Timm; Stark, Holger-
hudson_etal_2018.pdf.jpg2018Moments of quantum Lévy areas using sticky shuffle Hopf algebrasHudson, Robin; Schauz, Uwe; Wu, Yue-
7-Nov-2018Dissipative systems with nonlocal delayed feedback controlGrawitter, Josua; van Buel, Reinier; Schaaf, Christian; Stark, Holger-
wiedemann_2018.pdf.jpg2018The inverse perovskite BaLiF3: single-crystal neutron diffraction and analyses of potential ion pathwaysWiedemann, Dennis; Meutzner, Falk; Fabelo, Oscar; Ganschow, Steffen-
4510-9709-1-PB.pdf.jpg2018Theoretical and experimental investigations of the bifurcation behavior of creep groan of automotive disk brakesZhao, Xingwei; Gräbner, Nils; Wagner, Utz von-
1.5051453.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2018A measuring instrument for the auditory perception of rooms: The Room Acoustical Quality Inventory (RAQI)Weinzierl, Stefan; Lepa, Steffen; Ackermann, David-
1.5053113.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2018Sound power and timbre as cues for the dynamic strength of orchestral instrumentsWeinzierl, Stefan; Lepa, Steffen; Schultz, Frank; Detzner, Erik; Coler, Henrik von, et al-
28-Sep-2018Second Law and Non-Equilibrium Entropy of Schottky Systems—Doubts and Verification−Muschik, Wolfgang-
22-Aug-2018Effect of Shear Rate on the Orientation and Relaxation of a Vanillic Acid Based Liquid Crystalline PolymerDe Kort, Gijs W.; Leoné, Nils; Stellamanns, Eric; Auhl, Dietmar; Wilsens, Carolus H. R. M., et al-
22-Jan-2018Macroscopic Internal Variables and Mesoscopic Theory: A Comparison Considering Liquid CrystalsPapenfuss, Christina; Muschik, Wolfgang-