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c2sm26544c.pdf.jpg2012Adhesion of surfaces mediated by adsorbed particles: Monte Carlo simulations and a general relationship between adsorption isotherms and effective adhesion energiesStieger, Tillmann; Schoen, Martin; Weikl, Thomas R.-
c1jm14193g.pdf.jpg2012Formation of gold nanoparticles in polymeric nanowires by low-temperature thermolysis of gold mesityleneErk, Christoph; Yau, Man Yan Eric; Lange, Holger; Thomsen, Christian; Miclea, Paul, et al-
c2jm15468d.pdf.jpg2012A new method to synthesize very active and stable supported metal Pt catalysts: thermo-destabilization of microemulsionsParapat, Riny Y.; Parwoto, Veronica; Schwarze, Michael; Zhang, Bingsen; Su, Dang Sheng, et al-
c2jm15811f.pdf.jpg2012Mixed gas adsorption of carbon dioxide and methane on a series of isoreticular microporous metal-organic frameworks based on 2-substituted imidazolate-4-amide-5-imidatesDebatin, Franziska; Möllmer, Jens; Mondal, Suvendu Sekhar; Behrens, Karsten; Möller, Andreas, et al-
c2sm07448f.pdf.jpg2012Recent progress in soft-templating of porous carbon materialsChuenchom, Laemthong; Krähnert, Ralph; Smarsly, Bernd M.-
c2sm26826d.pdf.jpg2012Probing the phase transition of aqueous solutions of linear low molecular weight poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) by dielectric spectroscopyFüllbrandt, Marieke; Klitzing, Regine von; Schönhals, Andreas-
c2sm25636c.pdf.jpg2012Percolation and orientational ordering in systems of magnetic nanorodsAlvarez, Carlos E.; Klapp, Sabine H. L.-
c2jm32133e.pdf.jpg2012Synthesis of ternary transition metal fluorides Li3MF6 via a sol-gel route as candidates for cathode materials in lithium-ion batteriesKohl, Julia; Wiedemann, Dennis; Nakhal, Suliman; Bottke, Patrick; Ferro, Noel, et al-
c1sm06576a.pdf.jpg2012Phase diagram of two-dimensional systems of dipole-like colloidsSchmidle, Heiko; Hall, Carol K.; Velev, Orlin D.; Klapp, Sabine H. L.-
c2sm25648g.pdf.jpg2012Surfactant adsorption and aggregate structure at silica nanoparticles: Effects of particle size and surface modificationBharti, Bhuvnesh; Meissner, Jens; Gasser, Urs; Findenegg, Gerhard H.-