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c4ta01711k.pdf.jpg2014Graphitic carbon nitride nano-emitters on silicon: a photoelectrochemical heterojunction composed of earth-abundant materials for enhanced evolution of hydrogenLublow, M.; Fischer, A.; Merschjann, C.; Yang, F.; Schedel-Niedrig, Th., et al-
c4ta01842g.pdf.jpg2014Versatile control over size and spacing of small mesopores in metal oxide films and catalytic coatings via templating with hyperbranched core-multishell polymersBernsmeier, Denis; Ortel, Erik; Polte, Jörg; Eckhardt, Björn; Nowag, Sabrina, et al-
c4ta02022g.pdf.jpg2014Cationic microporous polymer networks by polymerisation of weakly coordinating cations with CO2-storage abilityFischer, Sabrina; Schimanowitz, Aneta; Dawson, Robert; Senkovska, Irena; Kaskel, Stefan, et al-
c4sm01241k.pdf.jpg2014Effect of polyelectrolytes on (de)stability of liquid foam filmsFauser, Heiko; Klitzing, Regine von-
c4sm00494a.pdf.jpg2014Bending elastic properties of a block copolymer-rich lamellar phase doped by a surfactant: a neutron spin-echo studyEgger, H.; Findenegg, G. H.; Holderer, O.; Biehl, R.; Monkenbusch, M., et al-
c4ta01161a.pdf.jpg2014On the structural integrity and electrochemical activity of a 0.5Li(2)MnO(3)center dot 0.5LiCoO(2) cathode material for lithium-ion batteriesRana, Jatinkumar; Klöpsch, Richard; Li, Jie; Scherb, Tobias; Schumacher, Gerhard, et al-
c4sm00487f.pdf.jpg2014The rupture of a single liquid aluminium alloy filmHeim, K.; Garcia-Moreno, F.; Kumar, G. S. Vinod; Rack, A.; Banhart, J.-
wuethrich_adrian.pdf.jpg2014Local AcausalityWüthrich, Adrian-
c4sm00467a.pdf.jpg2014Analysis of liquid metal foams through X-ray radioscopy and microgravity experimentsGarcia-Moreno, F.; Tobin, S. T.; Mukherjee, M.; Jimenez, C.; Solorzano, E., et al-
c4sm00959b.pdf.jpg2014Disclination lines at homogeneous and heterogeneous colloids immersed in a chiral liquid crystalMelle, Michael; Schlotthauer, Sergej; Hall, Carol K.; Diaz-Herrera, Enrique; Schoen, Martin-