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Dokument_23.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2011Mycological studies of the activated sludge from MBRs related to the biological activity of fungi in raw wastewater treatmentAwad, Mohamed Fadl Allah Abdel-Latef-
s12302-016-0088-3.pdf.jpg2016The 2015 Annual Meeting of SETAC German Language Branch in Zurich (7-10 September, 2015): ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry-from research to applicationWerner, Inge; Aldrich, Annette; Becker, Benjamin; Becker, Dennis; Brinkmann, Markus; Burkhardt, Michael; Caspers, Norbert; Campiche, Sophie; Chèvre, Nathalie; Düring, Rolf-Alexander; Escher, Beate I.; Fischer, Fabian; Giebner, Sabrina; Heye, Katharina; Hollert, Henner; Junghans, Marion; Kienle, Cornelia; Knauer, Katja; Korkaric, Music; Märkl, Veronika; Muncke, Jane; Oehlmann, Jörg; Reifferscheid, Georg; Rensch, Daniel; Schäffer, Andreas; Schiwy, Sabrina; Schwarz, Simon; Triebskorn, Rita; Vermissen, Etiënne L. M.; Wintgens, Thomas; Zennegg, Markus-
pilarek_et-al.pdf.jpg2011Enhanced growth and recombinant protein production of Escherichia coli by a perfluorinated oxygen carrier in miniaturized fed-batch culturesPilarek, Maciej; Glazyrina, Julia; Neubauer, Peter-
10.1007_s00484-016-1234-8.pdf.jpg2016Implications of atmospheric conditions for analysis of surface temperature variability derived from landscape-scale thermographyHammerle, Albin; Meier, Fred; Heinl, Michael; Egger, Angelika; Leitinger, Georg-
hanreich_angelika.pdf.jpg16-Oct-2013Phylogenetic and functional analysis of microbial, biogas-producing communities during the hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomassHanreich, Angelika-
Dokument_9.pdf.jpg18-Oct-2011Der Einfluss von Toll-like Rezeptoren im murinen Systemischen Lupus ErythematodesStöhr, Alexander-
Dokument_36.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2010The inducible antiviral immune response of Drosophila melanogasterKemp, Cordula-
Dokument_10.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2012MicroRNA-221 and the non-Ig-parts of the surrogate light chain as molecular checkpoints in B cell developmentKnoll, Marko-
Dokument_36.pdf.jpg8-Feb-2012Investigation of the antibacterial activity and the biosynthesis gene cluster of the peptide antibiotic feglymycinRausch, Saskia-
Dokument_15.pdf.jpg7-Dec-2011Tactile feature processing and attentional modulation in the human somatosensory systemWacker, Evelin-