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Portable continuous wave Doppler ultrasound for primary healthcare in South Africa: can the EUnetHTA Core Model guide evaluation before technology adoption?

Mueller, Debjani ; Pattinson, Robert C. ; Hlongwane, Tsakane M. ; Busse, Reinhard ; Panteli, Dimitra (2021-02-15)

Background This study had a threefold aim: to test the value of stakeholder involvement in HTA to reduce evidence gaps and interpret findings; and to assess a medical device by applying the EUnetHTA Core Model (CM) in South Africa and thus ultimately provide a first overview of evidence for potential widespread adoption of the technology in a primary health care (PHC) setting. Used in primary ...

INDEED–Utilization and Cross-Sectoral Patterns of Care for Patients Admitted to Emergency Departments in Germany: Rationale and Study Design

Fischer-Rosinský, Antje ; Slagman, Anna ; King, Ryan ; Reinhold, Thomas ; Schenk, Liane ; Greiner, Felix ; von Stillfried, Dominik ; Zimmermann, Grit ; Lüpkes, Christian ; Günster, Christian ; Baier, Natalie ; Henschke, Cornelia ; Roll, Stephanie ; Keil, Thomas ; Möckel, Martin (2021-04-16)

Introduction: The crowding of emergency departments (ED) has been a growing problem for years, putting the care of critically ill patients increasingly at risk. The INDEED project's overall aim is to get a better understanding of ED utilization and to evaluate corresponding primary health care use patterns before and after an ED visit while driving forward processes and methods of cross-sectora...

Knowledge proximity and firm innovation: A microgeographic analysis for Berlin

Rammer, Christian ; Kinne, Jan ; Blind, Knut (2020-04-01)

We analyse the geographic proximity of innovative firms to different types of knowledge sources in an urban environment on a microgeographic scale. Based on a comprehensive panel data set of manufacturing and service firms in the German capital city Berlin, we investigate the characteristics of firms’ knowledge environment while differentiating by the type of innovation. Geocoded firm locations...

Geschäftsmodelle der Energiewende im regionalen Umfeld

Lübeck, Undine ; Markurt, Christian ; Kochems, Johannes ; Giehl, Johannes ; Grosse, Benjamin ; Müller-Kirchenbauer, Joachim (2021-04)

Die Energiewende beeinflusst maßgeblich die Entwicklung energiewirtschaftlicher Wert-schöpfung und Geschäftsmodelle. Diese Entwicklung betrifft auch und insbesondere den ländlichen Raum. Vor diesem Hintergrund wird in diesem Papier für die untersuchte „Modellregion Mecklen-burg“ eine Bestandsaufnahme der energiewirtschaftlichen Wertschöpfungskette durchgeführt. Ferner wird eine Übertragbarkeit ...

Essays on trust and reputation portability in digital platform ecosystems

Hesse, Maik (2021)

Digital platforms increasingly shape product and service offerings around the world, change consumer behavior, and disrupt a broad variety of traditional industries. In these digital markets, to create trust and realize transactions, platform users and businesses alike rely on their accumulated online reputation such as star ratings and reviews. With the multiplicity of existing and quickly sur...

Transparenz bei ÖPP im Infrastrukturbereich

Ryndin, Andrej (2021)

Diese Arbeit befasst sich mit Transparenz bei Öffentlich-Privaten Partnerschaften (ÖPP) im Infrastrukturbereich und gliedert sich in drei inhaltliche Teile. In Teil A wird die Beschaffungsvariante ÖPP umfassend untersucht. Zunächst findet dafür in Kapitel 2 eine abstrakte Analyse der Eignung des ÖPP-Ansatzes ohne einen bestimmten Sektorbezug statt. Neben einer grundlegenden institutionenökonom...

Estimating causal effects by utilizing exogenous variation to limit the self-selection problem

Repasky, Tomas (2021)

Economic theory and empirical economic research are driven by the desire to unearth casual relationships that steer and/or are a consequence of actions of agents in a market-based economy. Estimating causal effect, however, is made difficult by the ability and desire of subjects to self-select in and out of treatment. In this thesis, I have utilized large exogenous shock as well as an unexpecte...

How Regional Trust Cues Could Drive Decentralisation in the Energy Sector—An Exploratory Approach

Menzel, Tobias ; Teubner, Timm (2021-03-10)

The Green Information Systems research stream was initiated by leading information systems researchers to address climate change through information and communications technology. This paper responds to a call for practical research into the design of information systems that support consumers in their decision making in favour of sustainable products. We apply an exploratory approach to improv...

Local preferences and the allocation of attention in equity-based crowdfunding

Bade, Marco ; Walther, Martin (2021-02-03)

This study examines drivers of investment probability in equity-based crowdfunding using a hand-collected and comprehensive data set from a well-established platform. The analysis confirms several effects that have been reported in the recent literature on other crowdfunding markets. Extending recent research, we study moderators of local preferences of investors. Novel to the literature, we fi...

Real estate listings and their usefulness for hedonic regressions

Kolbe, Jens ; Schulz, Rainer ; Wersing, Martin ; Werwatz, Axel (2021-01-13)

Real estate platforms provide a new source of data which has already been used as a substitute for transaction data in hedonic regression applications. This paper asks whether it is valid to do so in the established research areas of (1) willingness to pay estimation, (2) automated valuations, and (3) price index construction. It therefore compares listings and transaction data and regression r...

The impact of quality on hospital choice. Which information affects patients’ behavior for colorectal resection or knee replacement?

Kuklinski, David ; Vogel, Justus ; Geissler, Alexander (2021-01-27)

Quality competition among hospitals, induced by patients freely choosing their hospital in a price regulated market, can only be realized if quality differences between hospitals are transparent, understandable, and thus influence patients’ hospital choice. We use data from ~145,000 German patients and ~ 900 hospitals for colorectal resections and knee replacements to investigate whether patien...

Time trends in the regional distribution of physicians, nurses and midwives in Europe

Winkelmann, Juliane ; Muench, Ulrike ; Maier, Claudia B. (2020-10-12)

Background: Country-level data suggest large differences in the supply of health professionals among European countries. However, little is know about the regional supply of health professionals taking a cross-country comparative perspective. The aim of the study was to analyse the regional distribution of physicians, nurses and midwives in the highest and lowest density regions in Europe and e...

Central bank reputation, cheap talk and transparency as substitutes for commitment: Experimental evidence

Duffy, John ; Heinemann, Frank (2020-06-30)

We implement a repeated version of the Barro-Gordon monetary policy game in the laboratory and ask whether reputation serves as a substitute for commitment, enabling the central bank to achieve the efficient Ramsey equilibrium and avoid the inefficient, time-inconsistent one-shot Nash equilibrium. We find that reputation is a poor substitute for commitment. We then explore whether central bank ...

Substituting clean for dirty production: understanding prospects for green growth

Stöckl, Fabian (2021)

Global warming is a major challenge facing the world today. As of 2020, there has already been a rise in the Earth's mean surface temperature of around one degree Celsius compared to pre-industrial times. If temperatures increase beyond specific tipping points, global warming might become self-reinforcing and irreversible. There is now ample evidence that anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions,...

Psychology in management accounting and control research: an overview of the recent literature

Wibbeke, Lisa-Marie ; Lachmann, Maik (2020-07-21)

For decades, management accounting and control (MAC) researchers have employed a diverse set of source disciplines to predict and examine behavior, and psychology is among the most frequently drawn upon. Although the literature confirms that psychological theories are highly relevant to MAC research, the existing knowledge on this field remains fragmented. Given this background, we examine rece...

Reply to the comment on “Trends in rates of orthopedic surgery in Germany: the good, the bad, the ugly.”

Baier, Natalie ; Sax, Lisa-Marie ; Sundmacher, Leonie (2020-01-21)


Improving access to services for psychotic patients: does implementing a waiting time target make a difference

Kreutzberg, Anika ; Jacobs, Rowena (2020-02-25)

Objective: In April 2015, the English National Health Service started implementing the first waiting time targets in mental health care. This study aims to investigate the effect of the 14-day waiting time target for early intervention in psychosis (EIP) services after the first six months of its implementation. Study design: We analyse a cohort of first-episode psychosis patients from the Engl...

Interview with Benjamin Scheffler on “The future of waste management”

Hawlitschek, Florian (2020-11-17)


Embracing the Potentials of Intermodal Transport in Ethiopia: Strategies to Facilitate Export-Led Growth

Nitsche, Benjamin (2021-02-18)

Ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and by 2025 Ethiopia aims to become the manufacturing hub of Africa. To maintain growth, the Ethiopian government heavily supports industrial development in different industry sectors. However, Ethiopia is still a developing, low-income country that has to overcome several barriers in order to attract foreign companies to become a ...

Project stakeholder management as the integration of stakeholder salience, public participation, and nonmarket strategies

Joos, Hannah Charlotte ; zu Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo ; Pidun, Ulrich (2020-05-12)

Despite the increasingly active role of civic actors, there is often no possibility for them to participate in project planning and decision-making. This discrepancy leads to costly conflicts and even failures. Unfortunately, the literature on project stakeholder management does not have sufficient theoretical substantiation to address this issue. To fill this knowledge gap, we integrate the co...