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Images from on-chip memories captured using the laser-assisted side-channel techniques LLSI and TLS

Krachenfels, Thilo ; Kiyan, Tuba ; Tajik, Shahin ; Seifert, Jean-Pierre (2021-02-22)

This repository contains images of on-chip memories (in 16-bit TIFF and 8-bit PNG format) that were captured using the PHEMOS-1000 failure analysis microscope with the LLSI (Laser Logic State Imaging) and TLS (Thermal Laser Stimulation) techniques. The content of the imaged memories is provided in text and binary files. This data package is connected to the publication "Automatic Extraction of ...

Laser logic state images of masked AES implementations from registers on a Cyclone IV FPGA

Krachenfels, Thilo (2020-09-03)

This repository contains images (in Tiff format) that were captured using the Phemos-1000 failure analysis microscope with the LLSI (Laser Logic State Imaging) technique. Each image contains 16 bits stored in the registers of a Xilinx Cyclone IV FPGA. Furthermore, the repository contains scripts (in Matlab programming language) for extracting the bit values from the images. This data package is...

Secure cloud computing in legal metrology

Oppermann, Alexander (2020)

In Europe, all measuring instruments under legal control have to pass a conformity assessment to prove compliance with the European Measuring Instrument Directive (MID). In Germany, the MID is regulated via the German Measures and Verification Act (MessEG) that imposes additional requirements for nationally regulated measuring instruments. According to estimations, about four to six percent of t...

From threats to solutions in data center networks

Thimmaraju, Kashyap (2020)

In this dissertation we adopt a threat model where the data center network infrastructure is potentially malicious. To describe practical threats and solutions related to malicious switches, we draw our attention to multi-tenant data center networks that i) consolidate control over the (hardware and software) switches to a logically centralized controller and ii) use virtualization techniques f...

Control yourself: on user control of privacy settings using personalization and privacy panel on smartphones

Zhou, Yun ; Piekarska, Marta ; Raake, Alexander ; Xu, Tao ; Wu, Xiaojun ; Dong, Bei (2017)

The paper assesses the gap between actual and perceived privacy features of smartphones, exploring privacy as one decision-making factor in information protection, and the balance between privacy control and the required user interaction with the settings. We conducted a fine-grained evaluation partly based on the Privacy Panel, a protection solution on Firefox OS including features of Find my ...