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Greenhouse gas formation and flux across boundaries in urban water bodies

Herrero Ortega, Sonia (2019)

Methane (CH4) emissions from urban fresh water are starting to be addressed. CH4 as a greenhouse gas (GHG), enhances global warming of the earth. Any anthropogenic source of this greenhouse gas should be understood in order to reduce its atmospheric concentrations. On the other side, urban areas and expanding, and they modify surface waters. Recent literature has superficially approached the ef...

Atmospheric Electricity Influencing Biogeochemical Processes in Soils and Sediments

Hunting, Ellard R. ; Harrison, R. Giles ; Bruder, Andreas ; van Bodegom, Peter M. ; van der Geest, Harm G. ; Kampfraath, Andries A. ; Vorenhout, Michel ; Admiraal, Wim ; Cusell, Casper ; Gessner, Mark O. (2019-04-16)

The Earth’s subsurface represents a complex electrochemical environment that contains many electro-active chemical compounds that are relevant for a wide array of biologically driven ecosystem processes. Concentrations of many of these electro-active compounds within Earth’s subsurface environments fluctuate during the day and over seasons. This has been observed for surface waters, sediments a...

River doctors: Learning from medicine to improve ecosystem management

Elosegi, Arturo ; Gessner, Mark O. ; Young, Roger G. (2017)

Effective ecosystem management requires a robust methodology to analyse, remedy and avoid ecosystem damage. Here we propose that the overall conceptual framework and approaches developed over millennia in medical science and practice to diagnose, cure and prevent disease can provide an excellent template. Key principles to adopt include combining well-established assessment methods with new ana...