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Thermodynamics of the Coarse-Graining Master Equation

Schaller, Gernot ; Ablaßmayer, Julian (2020-05-05)

We study the coarse-graining approach to derive a generator for the evolution of an open quantum system over a finite time interval. The approach does not require a secular approximation but nevertheless generally leads to a Lindblad–Gorini–Kossakowski–Sudarshan generator. By combining the formalism with full counting statistics, we can demonstrate a consistent thermodynamic framework, once the...

Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of critical phenomena

Wächtler, Christopher Wayne (2020)

Critical phenomena describe the drastic change of a system upon modification of a parameter and appear in various areas of physics. This thesis deals with such critical phenomena of classical and quantum systems under nonequilibrium conditions. We especially focus on a consistent description fulfilling the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. In this way, we obtain rigorous notions of heat, work...

Interplay of different environments in open quantum systems: Breakdown of the additive approximation

Giusteri, Giulio G. ; Recrosi, Filippo ; Schaller, Gernot ; Celardo, G. Luca (2017)

We analyze an open quantum system under the influence of more than one environment: a dephasing bath and a probability-absorbing bath that represents a decay channel, as encountered in many models of quantum networks. In our case, dephasing is modeled by random fluctuations of the site energies, while the absorbing bath is modeled with an external lead attached to the system. We analyze under w...