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Essays on trust and reputation portability in digital platform ecosystems

Hesse, Maik (2021)

Digital platforms increasingly shape product and service offerings around the world, change consumer behavior, and disrupt a broad variety of traditional industries. In these digital markets, to create trust and realize transactions, platform users and businesses alike rely on their accumulated online reputation such as star ratings and reviews. With the multiplicity of existing and quickly sur...

How Regional Trust Cues Could Drive Decentralisation in the Energy Sector—An Exploratory Approach

Menzel, Tobias ; Teubner, Timm (2021-03-10)

The Green Information Systems research stream was initiated by leading information systems researchers to address climate change through information and communications technology. This paper responds to a call for practical research into the design of information systems that support consumers in their decision making in favour of sustainable products. We apply an exploratory approach to improv...

Interview with Benjamin Scheffler on “The future of waste management”

Hawlitschek, Florian (2020-11-17)


How Corporate Sharewashing Practices Undermine Consumer Trust

Hawlitschek, Florian ; Stofberg, Nicole ; Teubner, Timm ; Tu, Patrick ; Weinhardt, Christof (2018-07-27)

Sharewashing describes a platform’s act of misleading consumers by purposely portraying an image of social and ecological principles while the platform’s business model does not necessarily involve them. Drawing on Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Marketing literature, we propose and evaluate a research model for investigating the impact of sharewashing perceptions on consumer trust. B...