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Active poroelastic two-phase model for the motion of physarum microplasmodia

Kulawiak, Dirk Alexander ; Löber, Jakob ; Bär, Markus ; Engel, Harald (2019-08-09)

The onset of self-organized motion is studied in a poroelastic two-phase model with free boundaries for Physarum microplasmodia (MP). In the model, an active gel phase is assumed to be interpenetrated by a passive fluid phase on small length scales. A feedback loop between calcium kinetics, mechanical deformations, and induced fluid flow gives rise to pattern formation and the establishment of ...

Chimera States on a Ring of Strongly Coupled Relaxation Oscillators

Rode, Julian ; Totz, Jan Frederik ; Fengler, Enrico ; Engel, Harald (2019-06-19)

Weakly coupled oscillators can exhibit seemingly incongruous synchronization patterns comprised of coherent and incoherent spatial domains known as chimera states. However, the weak coupling approximation is invalid when the characteristic phase response curve of an oscillator does not scale linearly with the coupling strength and instead changes its shape. In chemical experiments with photo-co...