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Smart electric motor: Evaluation of business potential for digitalisation in the large electric motor industry

Costello, Timothy Joe ; Strunz, Kai ; Müller‐Kirchenbauer, Joachim (2021-01-28)

Digitalisation is seen to have contributed to the demise of 50% of the Fortune 500 companies since 2000. The large electric motor segment is not immune to this changing business landscape and must evolve to survive. This sector is experiencing declining revenues as traditional hardware‐sales‐focused business models have proved inadequate to address a reduction in profitability. New business mod...

Resilience of data centre power system: modelling of sustained operation under outage, definition of metrics, and application

Müller, Uwe ; Strunz, Kai (2019-05-15)

A novel criterion for quantifying the resilience of power systems supplying data centres is formulated to measure the system's ability to sustain functionality even during an outage. By comparative analysis of two alternative data centre power systems covering apparatus of electrical power supply and environmental control, it is shown that reliability and availability alone are insufficient as ...