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3D Structures of Plant Phytochrome A as Pr and Pfr From Solid-State NMR: Implications for Molecular Function

Song, Chen ; Mroginski, Maria Andrea ; Lang, Christina ; Kopycki, Jakub ; Gärtner, Wolfgang ; Matysik, Jörg ; Hughes, Jon (2018-04-24)

We present structural information for oat phyA3 in the far-red-light-absorbing (Pfr) signaling state, to our knowledge the first three-dimensional (3D) information for a plant phytochrome as Pfr. Solid-state magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR was used to detect interatomic contacts in the complete photosensory module [residues 1–595, including the NTE (N-terminal extension), PAS (Per/Arnt/Sim), GAF...