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Causes, consequences and countermeasures of overtaking accidents on two-lane rural roads

Richter, Thomas ; Ruhl, Stephan ; Ortlepp, Jörg ; Bakaba, Emmanuel (2017)

Overtaking accidents have one of the most serious consequences of accidents on German rural roads. The aim of this project was to determine the infrastructural and traffic related variables which influence the occurrence and consequences of overtaking accidents as well as the overtaking behavior of drivers. Finally, diverse correlations between operational and infrastructural road characteristi...

Turning accidents between cars and trucks and cyclists driving straight ahead

Richter, Thomas ; Sachs, Janina (2017)

Two projects contain the conflict between turning vehicles and straight ahead driving cyclists. One out of four of all accidents in Germany are accidents with bicycles. In Addition, most of the accidents end with heavy or deathly personal injury. Especially accidents with right turning trucks and straight ahead driving cyclist are on one hand rarely but on the other hand very dangerous because ...