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Modular E-Textile Toolkit for Prototyping and Manufacturing

Garbacz, Kamil ; Stagun, Lars ; Rotzler, Sigrid ; Semenec, Markus ; Krshiwoblozki, Malte (2021-01-06)

We present a novel E-textiles toolkit that can be used in the rapid prototyping of electronic textiles during the research and evaluation phase. The modular, Arduino-compatible toolkit incorporates various sensors and control and communication modules. The needs of fashion professionals have been considered during the conception of the toolkit, which was developed in close cooperation with part...

Development and Characterization of a Novel Low-Cost Water-Level and Water Quality Monitoring Sensor by Using Enhanced Screen Printing Technology with PEDOT:PSS

Wang, Bei ; Bäuscher, Manuel ; Hu, Xiaodong ; Wöhrmann, Markus ; Becker, Katharina ; Jürgensen, Nils ; Hubl, Moritz ; Mackowiak, Piotr ; Schneider-Ramelow, Martin ; Lang, Klaus-Dieter ; Ngo, Ha-Duong (2020-04-30)

A novel capacitive sensor for measuring the water-level and monitoring the water quality has been developed in this work by using an enhanced screen printing technology. A commonly used environment-friendly conductive polymer poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly (styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) for conductive sensors has a limited conductivity due to its high sheet resistance. A physical treatme...

Laser-Microstructured Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes for Integration of a Disposable Biochip

Zamora, Vanessa ; Marx, Sebastian ; Arndt-Staufenbiel, Norbert ; Janeczka, Christian ; Havlik, George ; Queisser, Marco ; Schröder, Henning (2017-08-17)

Laser-microstructured double-sided biocompatible adhesive tapes as intermediated bonding layers are potential candidates for hybrid integration of a disposable biochip. In the EU-PHOCNOSIS project, such thin adhesive tapes are proposed to integrate the polymer microfluidic system with the optical sensor chip. Three laser-assisted structuring methods are investigated to efficiently transfer micr...

A Novel Low Cost Wireless Incontinence Sensor System (Screen-Printed Flexible Sensor System) for Wireless Urine Detection in Incontinence Materials

Ngo, Ha-Duong ; Hoang, Thanh Hai ; Baeuscher, Manuel ; Wang, Bei ; Mackowiak, Piotr ; Grabbert, Nils ; Weiland, Thomas ; Ehrmann, Oswin ; Lang, Klaus-Dieter ; Schneider-Ramelow, Martin ; Grudno, Jens (2018-12-21)

In this paper we present a printed, fast, high-sensitive and cheap wireless incontinence sensor system, which could be integrated in a common diaper for urinary detection. The system consists of a flexible screen-printed IDEs (Inter Digital Electrodes) sensor with bio compatible conducting PEDOT:PSS material, a battery, a readout electronics for sensor signal and a wireless module.

The Realization of Redistribution Layers for FOWLP by Inkjet Printing

Roshanghias, Ali ; Ma, Ying ; Dreissigacker, Marc ; Braun, Tanja ; Bretthauer, Christian ; Becker, Karl-Friedrich ; Schneider-Ramelow, Martin (2018-12-13)

The implementation of additive manufacturing technology (e.g., digital printing) to the electronic packaging segment has recently received increasing attention. In almost all types of Fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP), redistribution layers (RDLs) are formed by a combination of photolithography, sputtering and plating process. Alternatively, in this study, inkjet-printed RDLs were introduce...

Fan-Out Wafer and Panel Level Packaging as Packaging Platform for Heterogeneous Integration

Braun, Tanja ; Becker, Karl-Friedrich ; Hoelck, Ole ; Voges, Steve ; Kahle, Ruben ; Dreissigacker, Marc ; Schneider-Ramelow, Martin (2019-05-23)

Fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP) is one of the latest packaging trends in microelectronics. Besides technology developments towards heterogeneous integration, including multiple die packaging, passive component integration in packages and redistribution layers or package-on-package approaches, larger substrate formats are also targeted. Manufacturing is currently done on a wafer level of u...

Competitive Evaluation of Planar Embedded Glass and Polymer Waveguides in Data Center Environments

Pitwon, Richard ; Wang, Kai ; Yamauchi, Akira ; Ishigure, Takaaki ; Schröder, Henning ; Neitz, Marcel ; Singh, Mayank (2017-09-13)

Optical printed circuit board (OPCB) waveguide materials and fabrication methods have advanced considerably over the past 15 years, giving rise to two classes of embedded planar graded index waveguide based on polymer and glass. We consider the performance of these two emerging waveguide classes in view of the anticipated deployment in data center environments of optical transceivers based on d...