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Main Title: Contrasting changes of urban heat island intensity during hot weather episodes
Author(s): Fenner, Daniel
Holtmann, Achim
Meier, Fred
Langer, Ines
Scherer, Dieter
Type: Article
Language Code: en
Abstract: Cities typically exhibit higher air temperatures than their rural surroundings, a phenomenon known as the urban heat island (UHI) effect. Contrasting results are reported as to whether UHI intensity (UHII) is exacerbated or reduced during hot weather episodes (HWEs). This contrast is investigated for a four-year period from 2015 to 2018, utilising a set of observational data from high-quality meteorological stations, as well as from hundreds of crowdsourced citizen weather stations, located in the urban region of Berlin, Germany. It can be shown that if HWEs, defined here as the ten percent hottest days or nights during May–September, are identified via daytime conditions, or by night-time conditions at inner-city sites, then night-time UHII is exacerbated. However, if HWEs are identified via night-time conditions at rural sites, then night-time UHII is reduced. These differences in UHII change can be linked with prevalent weather conditions, namely radiation, cloud cover, wind speed, precipitation, and humidity. This highlights that, beside land cover changes, future changes in weather conditions due to climate change will control UHIIs, and thus heat-stress hazards in cities.
Issue Date: 27-Nov-2019
Date Available: 16-Dec-2019
DDC Class: 690 Hausbau, Bauhandwerk
Subject(s): urban climate
urban heat island
heat waves
hot weather
Sponsor/Funder: BMBF, 01LP1602C , Verbundprojekt Stadtklima: Dreidimensionale Beobachtung atmosphärischer Prozesse in Städten, Modul B - 3DO
DFG, 322579844, Hitzewellen in Berlin, Deutschland - Stadtklimamodifkationen
DFG, 414044773, Open Access Publizieren 2019 - 2020 / Technische Universität Berlin
Journal Title: Environmental Research Letters
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Publisher Place: Bristol
Volume: 14
Issue: 12
Article Number: 124013
Publisher DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/ab506b
EISSN: 1748-9326
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