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Modelling, Analysis, and Optimization of the Effects of Pulsed Electrophoretic Deposition Parameters on TiO2 Films Properties Using Desirability Optimization Methodology

Barbana, Nesrine ; Ben Youssef, Adel ; Rezgui, Mohamed Ali ; Bousselmi, Latifa ; Al-Addous, Mohammad (2020-11-16)

Titanium dioxide thin films immobilized over treated stainless steel were prepared using the pulsed electrophoretic deposition technique. The effects of process parameters (deposition time, applied voltage, initial concentration, and duty cycle) on photocatalytic efficiency and adhesion properties were investigated. To optimize the multiple properties of the thin film, a response surface method...

Modified natural zeolite as heterogeneous Fenton catalyst in treatment of recalcitrants in industrial effluent

Arimi, Milton M. (2017)

Industrial effluents with high recalcitrants should undergo post-treatment after biological treatment. The aim of this study was to use cheap and abundantly available natural materials to develop heterogeneous Fenton catalysts for the removal of colored recalcitrants in molasses distillery wastewater (MDW). The pellets of zeolite, which is naturally available in many countries, were modified by...

Potential and Feasibility Study of Hybrid Wind−Hydroelectric Power System with Water-Pumping Storage: Jordan as a Case Study

Al-Addous, Mohammad ; Al Hmidan, Sahil ; Jaradat, Mustafa ; Alasis, Emil ; Barbana, Nesrine (2020-05-11)

Periodic daily fluctuating demand for energy and power is a perceptible phenomenon, resulting in some moments of low demand for power and energy related to the huge energy comes from renewable energy systems, and some moments of peak load demand. This phenomenon, when combined with the non-stationary operation of huge capacity of renewable energy systems, results in no stability of voltage and ...

Wastewater Reclamation in Major Jordanian Industries: A Viable Component of a Circular Economy

Saidan, Motasem N. ; Al-Addous, Mohammad ; Al-Weshah, Radwan A. ; Obada, Ibrahim ; Alkasrawi, Malek ; Barbana, Nesrine (2020-04-30)

Water scarcity remains the major looming challenge that is facing Jordan. Wastewater reclamation is considered as an alternative source of fresh water in semi-arid areas with water shortage or increased consumption. In the present study, the current status of wastewater reclamation and reuse in Jordan was analyzed considering 30 wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). The assessment was based on t...

Potential Study of Solar Thermal Cooling in Sub-Mediterranean Climate

Jaradat, Mustafa ; Al-Addous, Mohammad ; Albatayneh, Aiman ; Dalala, Zakariya ; Barbana, Nesrine (2020-04-01)

Air conditioning is becoming increasingly important in the energy supply of buildings worldwide. There has been a dramatic increase in energy requirements for cooling buildings in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This is before taking the effects of climate change into account, which will also entail a sharp increase in cooling requirements. This paper presents the potential of u...

The Significance of Wind Turbines Layout Optimization on the Predicted Farm Energy Yield

Al-Addous, Mohammad ; Jaradat, Mustafa ; Albatayneh, Aiman ; Wellmann, Johannes ; Al Hmidan, Sahil (2020-01-20)

Securing energy supply and diversifying the energy sources is one of the main goals of energy strategy for most countries. Due to climate change, wind energy is becoming increasingly important as a method of CO2-free energy generation. In this paper, a wind farm with five turbines located in Jerash, a city in northern Jordan, has been designed and analyzed. Optimization of wind farms is an impo...

Characterization and Assessment of a Novel Plate and Frame MD Module for Single Pass Wastewater Concentration−FEED Gap Air Gap Membrane Distillation

Schwantes, Rebecca ; Seger, Jakob ; Bauer, Lorenz ; Winter, Daniel ; Hogen, Tobias ; Koschikowski, Joachim ; Geißen, Sven-Uwe (2019-09-06)

Membrane distillation (MD) is an up and coming technology for concentration and separation on the verge of reaching commercialization. One of the remaining boundaries is the lack of available full-scale MD modules and systems suitable to meet the requirements of potential industrial applications. In this work a new type of feed gap air gap MD (FGAGMD) plate and frame module is introduced, desig...