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materials-13-05160.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2020Modelling, Analysis, and Optimization of the Effects of Pulsed Electrophoretic Deposition Parameters on TiO2 Films Properties Using Desirability Optimization MethodologyBarbana, Nesrine; Ben Youssef, Adel; Rezgui, Mohamed Ali; Bousselmi, Latifa; Al-Addous, Mohammad-
1-s2.0-S1002007117301958-main.pdf.jpg2017Modified natural zeolite as heterogeneous Fenton catalyst in treatment of recalcitrants in industrial effluentArimi, Milton M.-
applsci-10-03332-v2.pdf.jpg11-May-2020Potential and Feasibility Study of Hybrid Wind−Hydroelectric Power System with Water-Pumping Storage: Jordan as a Case StudyAl-Addous, Mohammad; Al Hmidan, Sahil; Jaradat, Mustafa; Alasis, Emil; Barbana, Nesrine-
water-12-01276.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2020Wastewater Reclamation in Major Jordanian Industries: A Viable Component of a Circular EconomySaidan, Motasem N.; Al-Addous, Mohammad; Al-Weshah, Radwan A.; Obada, Ibrahim; Alkasrawi, Malek; Barbana, Nesrine-
applsci-10-02418-v2.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2020Potential Study of Solar Thermal Cooling in Sub-Mediterranean ClimateJaradat, Mustafa; Al-Addous, Mohammad; Albatayneh, Aiman; Dalala, Zakariya; Barbana, Nesrine-
atmosphere-11-00117.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2020The Significance of Wind Turbines Layout Optimization on the Predicted Farm Energy YieldAl-Addous, Mohammad; Jaradat, Mustafa; Albatayneh, Aiman; Wellmann, Johannes; Al Hmidan, Sahil-
membranes-09-00118-v3.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2019Characterization and Assessment of a Novel Plate and Frame MD Module for Single Pass Wastewater Concentration−FEED Gap Air Gap Membrane DistillationSchwantes, Rebecca; Seger, Jakob; Bauer, Lorenz; Winter, Daniel; Hogen, Tobias; Koschikowski, Joachim; Geißen, Sven-Uwe-
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