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Fully coupled Maxwell-Kohn-Sham systems

Jestädt, René (2020)

Light-matter interactions have always been an essential aspect of research. They cover the main properties of light and matter in atomic and molecular systems, in condensed phase, in chemical reactions, and in optics. This thesis presents a feasible implementation to simulate three- imensional, real-time, real-space, self-consistently coupled light-matter systems based on the theoretical backgr...

Revisiting quantum feedback control: disentangling the feedback‐induced phase from the corresponding amplitude

Barkemeyer, Kisa ; Finsterhölzl, Regina ; Knorr, Andreas ; Carmele, Alexander (2019-10-11)

Coherent time‐delayed feedback allows the control of a quantum system and its partial stabilization against noise and decoherence. The crucial and externally accessible parameters in such control setups are the round‐trip‐induced delay time τ and the frequencies ω of the involved optical transitions which are typically controllable via global parameters like temperature, bias, or strain. They i...