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Exploring perception through the eyes

Wang, Xi (2020)

Everyday a huge amount of visual information enters the human brain through the eyes; meanwhile, a considerable amount of information is revealed by the eyes. The unique yet complex combination of the various roles of the eyes offer valuable opportunities to understand human perception, cognitive processing (e.g. visual search, recognition, and decision making), as well as mental states, and to...

The mean point of vergence is biased under projection

Wang, Xi ; Holmqvist, Kenneth ; Alexa, Marc (2019-09-09)

The point of interest in three-dimensional space in eye tracking is often computed based on intersecting the lines of sight with geometry, or finding the point closest to the two lines of sight. We first start by theoretical analysis with synthetic simulations. We show that the mean point of vergence is generally biased for centrally symmetric errors and that the bias depends on the horizontal ...