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Comparative Evaluation of Statistical and Fractal Approaches for JRC Calculation Based on a Large Dataset of Natural Rock Traces

Marsch, Kristofer ; Fernandez-Steeger, Tomas M. (2021-02-03)

After the publication of the type-profiles for the estimation of the joint roughness coefficient (JRC) a discussion evolved about how to adequately use these traces. Based on the chart numerous researchers assembled mathematical correlations with various parameters seeking objectivity in the determination of JRC. Within these works differences concerning the database and the mathematical implem...

Rock Surface Roughness Determination: Matlab scripts of evaluation algorithms and original scanned surfaces

Marsch, Kristofer (2020-02-01)

There exist many mathematical approaches for the determination of surface roughness in the context of rock engineering. Unfortunately, in most publications on that topic the evaluation algorithms are not fully disclosed. This makes it almost impossible to reproduce and verify prior findings. Even achieving an acceptable accordance is labour-intensive. Therefore, this data submission offers some...

Effect of Soil Geomechanical Properties and Geo-Environmental Factors on Landslide Predisposition at Mount Oku, Cameroon

Djukem, Wamba Danny Love ; Braun, Anika ; Wouatong, Armand Sylvain Ludovic ; Guedjeo, Christian ; Dohmen, Katrin ; Wotchoko, Pierre ; Fernandez-Steeger, Tomas Manuel ; Havenith, Hans-Balder (2020-09-17)

In this work, we explored a novel approach to integrate both geo-environmental and soil geomechanical parameters in a landslide susceptibility model. A total of 179 shallow to deep landslides were identified using Google Earth images and field observations. Moreover, soil geomechanical properties of 11 representative soil samples were analyzed. The relationship between soil properties was evalu...