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Natural Formation of Chloro- and Bromoacetone in Salt Lakes of Western Australia

Sattler, Tobias ; Sörgel, Matthias ; Wittmer, Julian ; Bourtsoukidis, Efstratios ; Krause, Torsten ; Atlas, Elliot ; Benk, Simon ; Bleicher, Sergej ; Kamilli, Katharina ; Ofner, Johannes ; Kopetzky, Raimo ; Held, Andreas ; Palm, Wolf-Ulrich ; Williams, Jonathan ; Zetzsch, Cornelius ; Schöler, Heinz-Friedrich (2019-10-30)

Western Australia is a semi-/arid region known for saline lakes with a wide range of geochemical parameters (pH 2.5–7.1, Cl− 10–200 g L−1). This study reports on the haloacetones chloro- and bromoacetone in air over 6 salt lake shorelines. Significant emissions of chloroacetone (up to 0.2 µmol m−2 h−1) and bromoacetone (up to 1. 5 µmol m−2 h−1) were detected, and a photochemical box model was e...