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Influence of Adding Molybdenum on Structure and Performance of FexOy/SBA‐15 Catalysts in Selective Oxidation of Propene

Genz, Nina Sharmen ; Ressler, Thorsten (2019-08-21)

Mixed iron and molybdenum oxide catalysts supported on nanostructured silica, SBA‐15, were synthesized with various Mo/Fe atomic ratios ranging from 0.07/1.0 to 0.57/1.0. Structural characterization of as‐prepared MoxOy_FexOy/SBA‐15 samples was performed by nitrogen physisorption, X‐ray diffraction, and DR‐UV‐Vis spectroscopy. Adding molybdenum resulted in a pronounced dispersion effect on supp...

Influence of calcination conditions on structural and solid‐state kinetic properties of iron oxidic species supported on SBA‐15

Genz, Nina Sharmen ; Ressler, Thorsten (2019-10-17)

Iron oxidic species supported on silica SBA-15 were synthesized with various iron loadings using two different FeIII precursors. The effect of varying powder layer thickness during calcination on structural and solid-state kinetic properties of FexOy/SBA-15 samples was investigated. Calcination was conducted in thin (0.3 cm) or thick (1.3 cm) powder layer. Structural characterization of resulti...