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Structure activity correlations of coinage metals supported on SBA-15 in selective oxidation of propene

Diekmann, Marek (2020)

Coinage metals comprising copper, silver, and gold supported on SBA-15 were prepared and introduced as model catalysts in propene oxidation. The objective of this work was elucidating structure function correlations. Structural evolution and catalytic activity were investigated during selective oxidation of propene focusing on product distribution of nucleophilic and electrophilic oxidation. I...

Differential electrochemical mass spectrometry – design, set up and application for kinetic isotope labeling studies of the electrocatalytic CO2 electroreduction

Ferreira de Araújo, Jorge Vicente (2020)

This thesis presents work on the design, set up, validation, and application of a versatile differential electrochemical mass spectrometry (DEMS) system with new cell components for use in investigations of time-resolved kinetics of electrocatalytic reactions. The newly designed and built DEMS system features an improved interface liquid vacuum for high sensitivity mass spectrum detection, coup...

Influence of Adding Molybdenum on Structure and Performance of FexOy/SBA‐15 Catalysts in Selective Oxidation of Propene

Genz, Nina Sharmen ; Ressler, Thorsten (2019-08-21)

Mixed iron and molybdenum oxide catalysts supported on nanostructured silica, SBA‐15, were synthesized with various Mo/Fe atomic ratios ranging from 0.07/1.0 to 0.57/1.0. Structural characterization of as‐prepared MoxOy_FexOy/SBA‐15 samples was performed by nitrogen physisorption, X‐ray diffraction, and DR‐UV‐Vis spectroscopy. Adding molybdenum resulted in a pronounced dispersion effect on supp...

Influence of calcination conditions on structural and solid‐state kinetic properties of iron oxidic species supported on SBA‐15

Genz, Nina Sharmen ; Ressler, Thorsten (2019-10-17)

Iron oxidic species supported on silica SBA-15 were synthesized with various iron loadings using two different FeIII precursors. The effect of varying powder layer thickness during calcination on structural and solid-state kinetic properties of FexOy/SBA-15 samples was investigated. Calcination was conducted in thin (0.3 cm) or thick (1.3 cm) powder layer. Structural characterization of resulti...