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Taxes on unhealthy food and externalities in the parental choice of children's diet

Kalamov, Zarko ; Runkel, Marco (2020-04-26)

This study examines whether taxes on unhealthy food are suitable for internalizing intergenerational externalities inflicted by parents when they decide on their children's diet. In an overlapping generations (OLG) model with an imperfectly altruistic parent, the optimal steady‐state tax rate on unhealthy food is strictly positive. However, it is only second‐best because, in addition to reducin...

A Sales Tax Is Better at Promoting Healthy Diets than the Fat Tax and the Thin Subsidy

Kalamov, Zarko (2020-01-21)

We analyze how a sales tax levied on all food products impacts the consumption of healthy food, unhealthy food, and obesity. The sales tax can stimulate the consumption of healthy meals by lowering the time costs of food preparation. Moreover, the sales tax lowers obesity under more general conditions than a tax on unhealthy food (fat tax) and a subsidy on healthy food (thin subsidy). We calibr...