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2017_marinkovic_etal.pdf.jpg2017Dynamical modelling of hydraulic excavator considered as a multibody systemMitrev, Rosen; Janošević, Dragoslav; Marinković, Dragan-
2016Application of the Craig-Bampton model order reduction method to a composite structure: MACco, COMAC, COMAC-S and eCOMACPeredo Fuentes, Humberto; Zehn, Manfred-
12-Aug-2018Inverse analysis of cellulose by using the energy-based method and a rotational rheometerAbali, Bilen Emek-
8-Mar-2019Drug Delivery From Polymer-Based Nanopharmaceuticals—An Experimental Study Complemented by Simulations of Selected Diffusion ProcessesMacha, Innocent J.; Ben-Nissan, Besim; Vilchevskaya, Elena N.; Morozova, Anna S.; Abali, Bilen Emek, et al-
1077546315573904.pdf.jpg2016A novel excitation method for pyroshock simulationHoushmand, Behnam; Lacher, Alexander; Juengel, Níkolas; Prasol, Lukas; Wagner, Utz von, et al-
0309324716632417.pdf.jpg2016General procedure for solution of contact problems under dynamic normal and tangential loading based on the known solution of normal contact problemPopov, Valentin L.; Pohrt, Roman; Heß, Markus-
0954406215619450.pdf.jpg2016Limiting shape of profile due to dual-mode fretting wear in contact with an elastomerMao, Xinyu; Liu, Wei; Ni, Yuanzhi; Popov, Valentin L.-
Spelsberg_Korspeter_2011.pdf.jpg2011Non-linear investigation of an asymmetric disk brake modelSpelsberg-Korspeter, G.; Hochlenert, Daniel; Hagedorn, P.-
s41598-018-32545-5.pdf.jpg21-Sep-2018Heterogeneity of material structure determines the stationary surface topography and frictionLi, Qiang; Voll, Lars; Starcevic, Jasminka; Popov, Valentin L.-
1687814019841779.pdf.jpg2-May-2019Numerical study of the hydraulic excavator overturning stability during performing lifting operationsMitrev, Rosen; Marinković, Dragan-