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Sensor Artificial Intelligence and its Application to Space Systems - A White Paper

Börner, Anko ; Heinz-Wilhelm, Hübers ; Kao, Odej ; Schmidt, Florian ; Becker, Sören ; Denzler, Joachim ; Matolin, Daniel ; Haber, David ; Lucia, Sergio ; Samek, Wojciech ; Triebel, Rudolph ; Eichstädt, Sascha ; Biessmann, Felix ; Kruspe, Anna ; Jung, Peter ; Kok, Manon ; Gallego, Guillermo ; Berger, Ralf (2020-06)

Information and communication technologies have accompanied our everyday life for years. A steadily increasing number of computers, cameras, mobile devices, etc. generate more and more data, but at the same time we realize that the data can only partially be analyzed with classical approaches. The research and development of methods based on artificial intelligence (AI) made enormous progress i...