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dc.contributor.authorGottmann, Susann-
dc.contributor.authorHermann, Frank-
dc.contributor.authorNachtigall, Nico-
dc.contributor.authorBraatz, Benjamin-
dc.contributor.authorErmel, Claudia-
dc.contributor.authorEhrig, Hartmut-
dc.contributor.authorEngel, Thomas-
dc.description.abstractTriple graph grammars (TGGs) have been successfully applied to specify and analyse bidirectional model transformations. Recently, a formal approach to concurrent model synchronisation has been presented, where a source and a target modification have to be synchronised simultaneously. In this approach, conflicts between the given and propagated source or target model modifications are taken into account. A semi-automatic conflict resolution strategy is proposed, where a formal resolution strategy can be combined with a user-specific strategy. Up to now, our approach requires deterministic propagation operations. In this paper, we want to relax this condition and also consider non-deterministic (conflicting) operations which might require backtracking. For optimisation, we propose to eliminate conflicts between the operational rules of a TGG using the concept of filter NACs. Nevertheless, concurrent synchronisation is non-deterministic from a user perspective: The user may choose between forward synchronisation and backward synchronisation. Moreover, the conflict resolution strategy may result in several solutions from which the user has to select the most adequate one. Hence, we discuss different kinds of customisation of the synchronisation process and explain the impacts of the different strategies.en
dc.subject.ddc004 Datenverarbeitung; Informatik-
dc.subject.otherforward synchronisationen
dc.titleCorrectness of Generalisation and Customisation of Concurrent Model Synchronisation Based on Triple Graph Grammarsen
dc.typeResearch Paper-
tub.publisher.universityorinstitutionTechnische Universität Berlin-
tub.series.nameForschungsberichte der Fakultät IV - Elektrotechnik und Informatik / Technische Universität Berlin-
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