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Data from a sensorimotor adaptation experiment in virtual reality

Wähnert, Svetlana ; Gerhards, Alexander (2018)

The csv file contains behavioural data from a virtual reality experiment. The aim of the study was to investigate the relationship between the number of interactions and the aftereffect in virtual reality. After a baseline measurement, the virtual environment was displaced visually. During this adaptation phase, the participants performed either zero, five, or thirty-five pointing movements. Af...

Internal Multidecadal and Interdecadal Climate Oscillations: Absence of Evidence Is No Evidence of Absence

Müller-Plath, Gisela (2020-11-26)

The present paper contributes a critical commentary on the recent finding by Mann, M. E., Steinman, B. A. and Miller, S. K (2020). Absence of internal multidecadal and interdecadal oscillations in climate model simulations. Nat. Commun. 11, 1–9. Climate oscillations are recurring large-scale fluctuations in the surface temperatures of the oceans in connection with the atmosphere. This commenta...

Data for the investigation of the task dependency of the attentional focus effect

Wähnert, Svetlana (2019)

The csv file contains data from two experiments to investigate the task dependency of the attentional focus effect. In two experiments the participants learned a balancing task and focused either internally or externally. In Experiment 1 there was no concurrent feedback, in Experiment 2 the centre of pressure was visualized on a screen. The data set contains the performance data in the balancin...