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Minimising optical and electrical losses in perovskite solar cells

Tockhorn, Philipp (2021)

Hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites are considered a promising material class for the application in single- and multi-junction solar cells. Prior to the commercialisation of such solar cells, further understanding of the device physics has to be gained. This dissertation addresses the optimisation of perovskite solar cell (PSC) single-junction devices for the application in perovskite/silicon...

Autocatalytic Carbonyl Arylation through In Situ Release of Aryl Nucleophiles from N‐Aryl‐N′‐Silyldiazenes

Chauvier, Clément ; Finck, Lucie ; Irran, Elisabeth ; Oestreich, Martin (2020-03-10)

A method for the catalytic generation of functionalized aryl alkali metals is reported. These highly reactive intermediates are liberated from silyl‐protected aryl‐substituted diazenes by the action of Lewis basic alkali metal silanolates, resulting in desilylation and loss of N2. Catalytic quantities of these Lewis bases initiate the transfer of the aryl nucleophile from the diazene to carbony...

How To Quantify the Efficiency Potential of Neat Perovskite Films: Perovskite Semiconductors with an Implied Efficiency Exceeding 28%

Stolterfoht, Martin ; Grischek, Max ; Caprioglio, Pietro ; Wolff, Christian M. ; Gutierrez‐Partida, Emilio ; Peña‐Camargo, Francisco ; Rothhardt, Daniel ; Zhang, Shanshan ; Raoufi, Meysam ; Wolansky, Jakob ; Abdi‐Jalebi, Mojtaba ; Stranks, Samuel D. ; Albrecht, Steve ; Kirchartz, Thomas ; Neher, Dieter (2020-03-12)

Perovskite photovoltaic (PV) cells have demonstrated power conversion efficiencies (PCE) that are close to those of monocrystalline silicon cells; however, in contrast to silicon PV, perovskites are not limited by Auger recombination under 1‐sun illumination. Nevertheless, compared to GaAs and monocrystalline silicon PV, perovskite cells have significantly lower fill factors due to a combinatio...

On the Origin of the Ideality Factor in Perovskite Solar Cells

Caprioglio, Pietro ; Wolff, Christian M. ; Sandberg, Oskar J. ; Armin, Ardalan ; Rech, Bernd ; Albrecht, Steve ; Neher, Dieter ; Stolterfoht, Martin (2020-06-05)

The measurement of the ideality factor (nid) is a popular tool to infer the dominant recombination type in perovskite solar cells (PSC). However, the true meaning of its values is often misinterpreted in complex multilayered devices such as PSC. In this work, the effects of bulk and interface recombination on the nid are investigated experimentally and theoretically. By coupling intensity‐depen...

The Role of Grain Boundaries on Ionic Defect Migration in Metal Halide Perovskites

Phung, Nga ; Al‐Ashouri, Amran ; Meloni, Simone ; Mattoni, Alessandro ; Albrecht, Steve ; Unger, Eva L. ; Merdasa, Aboma ; Abate, Antonio (2020-04-19)

Halide perovskites are emerging as revolutionary materials for optoelectronics. Their ionic nature and the presence of mobile ionic defects within the crystal structure have a dramatic influence on the operation of thin‐film devices such as solar cells, light‐emitting diodes, and transistors. Thin films are often polycrystalline and it is still under debate how grain boundaries affect the migra...