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The use of renewable energy technologies in the Libyan energy system

Sayah, Giuma Ahmuda (2017)

International organizations as well as nations worldwide are seeking to use renewable energy technologies in their energy generation mix in order to decrease dependence on fossil fuels and to promo...

Sprache – Schrift – Architektur

Zhou, Hao (2017)

Die traditionelle Architektur in China hat seine einzigartigen Merkmale in Raum, Konzepte und Ornamente. Diese Merkmale sind auch in der Art und Weise des Entwurfsdenkens in der modernen Architektu...

Catching two European birds with one renewable stone

Creutzig, Felix; Goldschmidt, Jan Christoph; Lehman, Paul; Schmid, Eva; Blücher, Felix von; Breyer, Christian; Fernandez Milan, Blanca; Jakob, Michael; Knopf, Brigitte; Lohrey, Steffen; Susca, Tiziana; Wiegandt, Konstantin (2014)

The threat of climate change and other risks for ecosystems and human health require a transition of the energy system from fossil fuels towards renewable energies and higher efficiency. The Europe...

Stakeholder involvement in sustainability science

Mielke, Jahel; Vermaßen, Hannah; Ellenbeck, Saskia; Fernandez Milan, Blanca; Jaeger, Carlo (2016)

Discussions about the opening of science to society have led to several developments: New fields of sustainability science and transformative research have emerged and the "megatrend" of stakeholde...

Participatory design in transit-oriented development uncovers social benefits

Fernandez Milan, Blanca; Creutzig, Felix (2016)

Transit-oriented development (TOD) tackles multiple challenges simultaneously and fosters sustainable urban development. Low-carbon intensity transport modes help mitigating climate change, enhance...

How participatory planning processes for transit-oriented development contribute to social sustainability

Fernandez Milan, Blanca (2015)

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is a relatively recent neighbourhood development concept associated with the three dimensions of urban sustainability (environmental, economic and social). Tradit...

A systematic framework of location value taxes reveals dismal policy design in most European countries

Milan Fernandez, Blanca; Kapfer, David; Creutzig, Felix (2016)

Location values have long been recognized as an attractive instrument to raise municipal revenues. First, they increase fiscal efficiency and equability compared to traditional property taxes. Seco...

Municipal policies accelerated urban sprawl and public debts in Spain

Fernandez Milan, Blanca; Creutzig, Felix (2016)

Urban form and resource consumption co-evolve dynamically with public finances. While in compact urban settlements public service is provided more efficiently, and in larger amounts per surface are...

Water security in an urbanized world

Fernandez Milan, Blanca (2016)

Ensure access to water and sanitation for all is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recently recognized at the international community. The combination of natural constraints, populati...

Reducing urban heat wave risk in the 21st century

Fernandez Milan, Blanca; Creutzig, Felix (2015-09-05)

Global warming increases the frequency, intensity and duration of heat waves, particularly endangering urban populations. However, the health risks of heat waves are distributed unequally between p...

Beyond technology

Creutzig, Felix; Fernandez Milan, Blanca; Haberl, Helmut; Khosla, Radhika; Mulugetta, Yacob; Seto, Karen C. (2016-09)

The assessment literature on climate change solutions to date has emphasized technologies and options based on cost-effectiveness analysis. However, many solutions to climate change mitigation misa...

Climate change, equity and sustainable development goals

Reckien, Diana; Creutzig, Felix; Fernandez Milan, Blanca; Lwasa, Shuaib; Tovar-Restrepo, Marcela; McEvoy, Darryn; Satterthwaite, David (2016)

Climate change is acknowledged as the largest threat to our societies in the coming decades, affecting large and diverse groups of residents in urban areas in this century of urbanization. The focu...

Talking cities : urban narratives from Dar es Salaam and Berlin


This book collects stories and images of Dar es Salaam and Berlin that explore the theme of urban heritage from below. Based on interviews with local people in both cities, the stories were collabo...

Epilogue : the rise of imagery in the age of modeling

Ammon, Sabine (2016)

This epilogue examines the relevance of imagery in modeling processes in architecture, design, and engineering. In addition to the description of the current state of research, it includes the chan...

Image-based epistemic strategies in modeling

Ammon, Sabine (2016)

Given the existing diverse range of modeling techniques, this essay examines the epistemic role of images in design development. I argue that design images – used broadly to refer to all those imag...

Generative und instrumentelle Bildlichkeit: Warum computerbasierte Fertigungsverfahren keine Form der image guidance darstellen

Ammon, Sabine (2016)

Wissensverhältnisse im Fokus

Ammon, Sabine (2007)

Einleitung [zu: Wissen in Bewegung : Vielfalt und Hegemonie in der Wissensgesellschaft]

Ammon, Sabine; Heinecke, Corinna; Selbmann, Kirsten (2007)

Wie Architektur entsteht. Entwerfen als epistemische Praxis

Ammon, Sabine (2013)

Cooling techniques for building-greenhouse interconnections in hot-arid climates

ElSoudani, Moamen (2016)

Urban agriculture, Nexus, and climate envelope are interdisciplinary topics where greenhouses are integrated into the urban and pre-urban context. Building-Greenhouse prototype (BGp) is a new integ...