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In vivo detection of changes in cutaneous carotenoids after chemotherapy using shifted excitation resonance Raman difference and fluorescence spectroscopy

Jung, Sora ; Darvin, Maxim E. ; Schleusener, Johannes ; Thiede, Gisela ; Lademann, Juergen ; Braune, Marcel ; Maiwald, Martin ; Sumpf, Bernd ; Tränkle, Günther ; Kutzer, Dunja ; Elban, Felia ; Fuss, Harald (2020-01-06)

Background: Various cutaneous toxicities under chemotherapy indicate a local effect of chemotherapy by secretion after systemic application. Here, changes in the fluorescence and Raman spectral properties of the stratum corneum subsequent to intravenous chemotherapy were assessed. Methods: Twenty healthy subjects and 20 cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy were included. Measurement time po...