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Bias in data‐driven artificial intelligence systems—An introductory survey

Ntoutsi, Eirini ; Fafalios, Pavlos ; Gadiraju, Ujwal ; Iosifidis, Vasileios ; Nejdl, Wolfgang ; Vidal, Maria‐Esther ; Ruggieri, Salvatore ; Turini, Franco ; Papadopoulos, Symeon ; Krasanakis, Emmanouil ; Kompatsiaris, Ioannis ; Kinder‐Kurlanda, Katharina ; Wagner, Claudia ; Karimi, Fariba ; Fernandez, Miriam ; Alani, Harith ; Berendt, Bettina ; Kruegel, Tina ; Heinze, Christian ; Broelemann, Klaus ; Kasneci, Gjergji ; Tiropanis, Thanassis ; Staab, Steffen (2020-02-03)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)‐based systems are widely employed nowadays to make decisions that have far‐reaching impact on individuals and society. Their decisions might affect everyone, everywhere, and anytime, entailing concerns about potential human rights issues. Therefore, it is necessary to move beyond traditional AI algorithms optimized for predictive performance and embed ethical and le...