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Main Title: Measurements and simulations of microscopic damage to DNA in water by 30 keV electrons: A general approach applicable to other radiation sources and biological targets
Author(s): Hahn, Marc Benjamin
Meyer, Susann
Kunte, Hans-Jörg
Solomun, Tihomir
Sturm, Heinz
Type: Article
Language Code: en
Abstract: The determination of the microscopic dose-damage relationship for DNA in an aqueous environment is of a fundamental interest for dosimetry and applications in radiation therapy and protection. We combine geant4 particle-scattering simulations in water with calculations concerning the movement of biomolecules to obtain the energy deposit in the biologically relevant nanoscopic volume. We juxtaposition these results to the experimentally determined damage to obtain the dose-damage relationship at a molecular level. This approach is tested for an experimentally challenging system concerning the direct irradiation of plasmid DNA (pUC19) in water with electrons as primary particles. Here a microscopic target model for the plasmid DNA based on the relation of lineal energy and radiation quality is used to calculate the effective target volume. It was found that on average fewer than two ionizations within a 7.5-nm radius around the sugar-phosphate backbone are sufficient to cause a single strand break, with a corresponding median lethal energy deposit being E1/2=6±4 eV. The presented method is applicable for ionizing radiation (e.g., γ rays, x rays, and electrons) and a variety of targets, such as DNA, proteins, or cells.
Issue Date: 30-May-2017
Date Available: 20-Nov-2020
DDC Class: 530 Physik
Subject(s): DNA
geant4 particle-scattering simulations
energy deposit
Journal Title: Physical Review E
Publisher: American Physical Society (APS)
Publisher Place: Woodbury, NY
Volume: 95
Issue: 5
Article Number: 52419
Publisher DOI: 10.1103/physreve.95.052419
EISSN: 2470-0053
ISSN: 2470-0045
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