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26-Jun-2018The influence of nanomaterials on the thermal resistance of cement-based composites – a reviewPawel, Sikora; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed; Stephan, Dietmar-
2018Nichtummantelte Sandsäulen in weichen Böden mit hohem organischen AnteilNey, Marcel-
Aug-2015Upscaling the shallow water model with a novel roughness formulationÖzgen, Ilhan; Teuber, Katharina; Simons, Franz; Liang, Dongfang; Hinkelmann, Reinhard-
haas_michael.pdf.jpg2019Towards time- and state-dependent seismic risk over urban scalesHaas, Michael-
drieschner_etal_2019.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2019Parameterization of arbitrary hole shapes using non-destructive testing and resulting stress concentration in a 2D plate with finite dimensionsDrieschner, Martin; Petryna, Yuri; Eichner, Lukas-
Zhou_etal_2017.pdf.jpg2017Full-scale performance of selected starch-based biodegradable polymers in sludge dewatering and recommendation for applicationsZhou, Kuangxin; Stüber, Johan; Schubert, Rabea-Luisa; Kabbe, Christian; Barjenbuch, Matthias-
zhao_jiaheng.pdf.jpg2019Fully coupled robust shallow water flow and sediment transport model on unstructured gridsZhao, Jiaheng-
petryna_drieschner.pdf.jpg22-Feb-2019Decision making in structural engineering problems under polymorphic uncertaintyPetryna, Yuri; Drieschner, Martin-
Zhou et al. 2018.pdf.jpg2018Comparative environmental life cycle assessment of phosphorus recovery with different generations of the AirPrex® systemsZhou, Kuangxin; Remy, C.; Kabbe, C.; Barjenbruch, M.-
7-Jun-2017Effect of Different Gradings of Lightweight Aggregates on the Properties of ConcreteChung, Sang-Yeop; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed; Stephan, Dietmar-