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Main Title: ZnO/Nanocarbons‐Modified Fibrous Scaffolds for Stem Cell‐Based Osteogenic Differentiation
Author(s): Xia, Yi
Fan, Xin
Yang, Hua
Li, Ling
He, Chao
Cheng, Chong
Haag, Rainer
Type: Article
Abstract: Currently, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)‐based therapies for bone regeneration and treatments have gained significant attention in clinical research. Though many chemical and physical cues which influence the osteogenic differentiation of MSCs have been explored, scaffolds combining the benefits of Zn2+ ions and unique nanostructures may become an ideal interface to enhance osteogenic and anti‐infective capabilities simultaneously. In this work, motivated by the enormous advantages of Zn‐based metal–organic framework‐derived nanocarbons, C‐ZnO nanocarbons‐modified fibrous scaffolds for stem cell‐based osteogenic differentiation are constructed. The modified scaffolds show enhanced expression of alkaline phosphatase, bone sialoprotein, vinculin, and a larger cell spreading area. Meanwhile, the caging of ZnO nanoparticles can allow the slow release of Zn2+ ions, which not only activate various signaling pathways to guide osteogenic differentiation but also prevent the potential bacterial infection of implantable scaffolds. Overall, this study may provide new insight for designing stem cell‐based nanostructured fibrous scaffolds with simultaneously enhanced osteogenic and anti‐infective capabilities.
Subject(s): anti‐infective surfaces
carbon nanomaterials
metal–organic frameworks
nanostructured fibrous scaffolds
osteogenic surfaces
stem cells
Issue Date: 19-Aug-2020
Date Available: 16-Dec-2020
Language Code: en
DDC Class: 620 Ingenieurwissenschaften und zugeordnete Tätigkeiten
Sponsor/Funder: TU Berlin, Open-Access-Mittel – 2020
DFG, 32049920, SFB 765: Multivalenz als chemisches Organisations- und Wirkprinzip: Neue Architekturen, Funktionen und Anwendungen
Journal Title: Small
Publisher: Wiley
Volume: 16
Issue: 38
Article Number: 2003010
Publisher DOI: 10.1002/smll.202003010
EISSN: 1613-6829
ISSN: 1613-6810
TU Affiliation(s): Fak. 5 Verkehrs- und Maschinensysteme » Inst. Mechanik » FG Kontinuumsmechanik und Materialtheorie
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