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Transitions of electrons and holes drive diffusion in crystals, glasses and melts

Hoffmann, H.‐J. (2020-12-17)

Diffusion of atoms or molecules (generally: particles) is driven by differences and gradients of the chemical potential of the particles in their accessible space. If the difference of the chemical potential is due to differences of concentrations alone, one arrives at the diffusion equations of Fick. The diffusion coefficients are described in known models by vibrations of atoms in condensed m...

From heat to entropy

Hoffmann, Hans‐Jürgen (2020-09-18)

Milestones in the development of thermodynamics are the discovery of the absolute temperature scale and the recognition that differential “heat” is a form of energy given as the product of absolute temperature and differential entropy. Following a new path, the last statement results from a careful analysis of the heat transfer applying the first theorem without reference to the usual cycles in...