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Mayenite-Based Electride C12A7e−: A Reactivity and Stability Study

Weber, Sebastian ; Schäfer, Sebastian ; Saccoccio, Mattia ; Ortner, Nils ; Bertmer, Marko ; Seidel, Karsten ; Berendts, Stefan ; Lerch, Martin ; Gläser, Roger ; Kohlmann, Holger ; Schunk, Stephan A. (2021-03-05)

Ru supported on mayenite electride, [Ca24Al28O64]4+(e−)4 a calcium aluminum oxide denoted as C12A7e−, are described in the literature as highly active catalysts for ammonia synthesis, especially under conditions of low absolute pressure. In this study, we investigated the application of recently reported plasma arc melting synthesized C12A7e− (aluminum solid reductant) as supports of Ru/C12A7e−...

Mechanochemical synthesis of multinary sulfides

Heppke, Eva Maria (2021)

In the here-presented thesis the successful preparation and precise characterization of new and known compounds of the type A2IBIICIVS4VI and new compounds of the type A2IBIIC3IVS8VI using a newly developed mechanochemical synthesis approach is reported. The mechanochemical synthesis route consists of two steps, the milling in a high-energy planetary mill followed by annealing in H2S atmosphere...