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Editorial: Sustainable Hydrogen for Energy, Fuel and Commodity Applications

Wu, Xiao-Yu ; Luo, Yu ; Hess, Franziska ; Lipiński, Wojciech (2021-05-21)


sReactivation of CeO2‐based Catalysts in the HCl Oxidation Reaction: In situ Quantification of the Degree of Chlorination and Kinetic Modeling

Sun, Yu ; Hess, Franziska ; Djerdj, Igor ; Wang, Zheng ; Weber, Tim ; Guo, Yanglong ; Smarsly, Bernd M. ; Over, Herbert (2020-09-09)

Deactivation of CeO2‐based catalysts in the HCl oxidation reaction proceeds via selective bulk chlorination of the active CeO2 component to form CeCl3×nH2O. We study the reactivation of two bulk‐chlorinated CeO2‐based Deacon catalysts by oxygen treatment at 430 °C, namely pure CeO2 and 20 mol % of CeO2 supported on preformed ZrO2 particles (20CeO2@ZrO2), with a dedicated experiment. In the flow...