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Main Title: Universal law for diffusive mass transport through mycelial networks
Author(s): Schmideder, Stefan
Müller, Henri
Barthel, Lars
Friedrich, Tiaan
Niessen, Ludwig
Meyer, Vera
Briesen, Heiko
Type: Article
Language Code: en
Abstract: Filamentous fungal cell factories play a pivotal role in biotechnology and circular economy. Hyphal growth and macroscopic morphology are critical for product titers; however, these are difficult to control and predict. Usually pellets, which are dense networks of branched hyphae, are formed during industrial cultivations. They are nutrient‐ and oxygen‐depleted in their core due to limited diffusive mass transport, which compromises productivity of bioprocesses. Here, we demonstrate that a generalized law for diffusive mass transport exists for filamentous fungal pellets. Diffusion computations were conducted based on three‐dimensional X‐ray microtomography measurements of 66 pellets originating from four industrially exploited filamentous fungi and based on 3125 Monte Carlo simulated pellets. Our data show that the diffusion hindrance factor follows a scaling law with respect to the solid hyphal fraction. This law can be harnessed to predict diffusion of nutrients, oxygen, and secreted metabolites in any filamentous pellets and will thus advance the rational design of pellet morphologies on genetic and process levels.
Issue Date: 10-Nov-2020
Date Available: 6-Jan-2021
DDC Class: 570 Biowissenschaften; Biologie
Subject(s): diffusive mass transport
filamentous fungal pellets
three‐dimensional morphological measurements
three‐dimensional morphological simulations
X‐ray microcomputed tomography
Sponsor/Funder: DFG, 198187031, Mikro-Computertomograph mit integrierter Materialprüfmaschine und Kühleinheit
DFG, 315305620, Untersuchung des Einflusses von Scherkräften auf das morphogenetische Gennetzwerk, die Zellintegrität, mikroskopische und makroskopische Morphologie von Aspergillus niger sowie Bildungsraten intra- und extrazellulärer Produkte
DFG, 315384307, Verallgemeinerte morphologische Modellierung aggregierender, filamentöser Mikroorganismen
DFG, 427889137, Kontrolle von Monospezies und Multispezies Pellet-Heterogenitäten und deren Auswirkungen auf Produktbildung in der Zellfabrik Aspergillus niger
Journal Title: Biotechnology & bioengineering
Publisher: Wiley
Publisher Place: New York, NY
Publisher DOI: 10.1002/bit.27622
EISSN: 1097-0290
ISSN: 0006-3592
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