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Controlling transient gas flow in real-world pipeline intersection areas

Hennings, Felix ; Anderson, Lovis ; Hoppmann-Baum, Kai ; Turner, Mark ; Koch, Thorsten (2020-10-03)

Compressor stations are the heart of every high-pressure gas transport network. Located at intersection areas of the network, they are contained in huge complex plants, where they are in combination with valves and regulators responsible for routing and pushing the gas through the network. Due to their complexity and lack of data compressor stations are usually dealt with in the scientific lite...

Enhanced predictions and structure exploitation in branch-and-bound

Gamrath, Gerald (2020)

Mixed-integer linear programming (MIP) is an extremely successful tool to solve real-world optimization problems to optimality. The core algorithm used by state-of-the-art MIP solvers is the branch-and-bound method. It consists of two primary operations: branching splits a problem into smaller subproblems, and bounding uses upper and lower bounds to eliminate subproblems that can be proven not ...

Tighter relaxations in mixed-integer nonlinear programming

Müller, Benjamin (2020)

Mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) is one of the most important classes of mathematical optimization problems that combines difficulties from mixed-integer linear programming and nonlinear programming, namely optimizing over a set that is described by integrality, linear, and nonlinear restrictions. This class of optimization problems is essential when constructing accurate models of r...

Presolving techniques and linear relaxations for cumulative scheduling

Heinz, Stefan (2018)

In the mathematical optimization community the term scheduling usually describes the computation of a sequential plan for a set of jobs w.r.t. a set of side conditions such as precedence constraints and resource restrictions. Thereby, a certain objective should be fulfilled which can be for example to minimize the latest completion time of all jobs. The sequential plan can be an ordering of the...

Exploiting structure in non-convex quadratic optimization and gas network planning under uncertainty

Schweiger, Jonas (2017)

Der bemerkenswerte Erfolg der angewandten mathematischen Optimierung in den letzten Dekaden ist mehr auf Einsichten in mathematische Strukturen zurückzuführen, als auf eine Steigerung der Rechenleistung. In diesem Sinne adressieren wir Anwendungen, in denen Nichtkonvexität und Unsicherheit in den Daten die Hauptschwierigkeiten darstellen. Der erste Teil dieser Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit nicht...