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Volt‐per‐Ångstrom terahertz fields from X‐ray free‐electron lasers

Tanikawa, T. ; Karabekyan, S. ; Kovalev, S. ; Casalbuoni, S. ; Asgekar, V. ; Bonetti, S. ; Wall, S. ; Laarmann, T. ; Turchinovich, D. ; Zalden, P. ; Kampfrath, T. ; Fisher, A. S. ; Stojanovic, N. ; Gensch, M. ; Geloni, G. (2020-04-29)

The electron linear accelerators driving modern X‐ray free‐electron lasers can emit intense, tunable, quasi‐monochromatic terahertz (THz) transients with peak electric fields of V Å−1 and peak magnetic fields in excess of 10 T when a purpose‐built, compact, superconducting THz undulator is implemented. New research avenues such as X‐ray movies of THz‐driven mode‐selective chemistry come into re...

Terahertz Nonlinear Optics of Graphene: From Saturable Absorption to High‐Harmonics Generation

Hafez, Hassan A. ; Kovalev, Sergey ; Tielrooij, Klaas‐Jan ; Bonn, Mischa ; Gensch, Michael ; Turchinovich, Dmitry (2019-11-04)

Graphene has long been predicted to show exceptional nonlinear optical properties, especially in the technologically important terahertz (THz) frequency range. Recent experiments have shown that this atomically thin material indeed exhibits possibly the largest nonlinear coefficients of any material known to date, paving the way for practical graphene‐based applications in ultrafast (opto‐)elec...