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Main Title: Intermetallic Fe6Ge5 formation and decay of a core–shell structure during the oxygen evolution reaction
Author(s): Hausmann, J. Niklas
Khalaniya, Roman A.
Das, Chittaranjan
Remy-Speckmann, Ina
Berendts, Stefan
Shevelkov, Andrei V.
Driess, Matthias
Menezes, Prashanth W.
Type: Article
Abstract: Herein, we report on intermetallic iron germanide (Fe6Ge5) as a novel oxygen evolution reaction (OER) precatalyst with a Tafel slope of 32 mV dec−1 and an overpotential of 272 mV at 100 mA cm−2 in alkaline media. Furthermore, we uncover the in situ formation of a core–shell like structure that slowly collapses under OER conditions.
Subject(s): oxygen evolution reaction
intermetallic iron germanide
Issue Date: 22-Jan-2021
Date Available: 11-Mar-2021
Language Code: en
DDC Class: 540 Chemie und zugeordnete Wissenschaften
Sponsor/Funder: TU Berlin, Open-Access-Mittel – 2021
Journal Title: Chemical Communications
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Volume: 57
Issue: 17
Publisher DOI: 10.1039/D0CC08035G
Page Start: 2184
Page End: 2187
EISSN: 1364-548X
ISSN: 0022-4936
TU Affiliation(s): Fak. 2 Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften » Inst. Chemie » FG Metallorganische Chemie und Anorganische Materialien
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